Bighorn sheep try to find love in the all the places, but with the wrong faces.

Saturday Afternoon Panel

“Online Activism vs. Slacktivism”
Rallying followers to champion a cause, not just pick a fight

Jess Johnson, Wyoming Wildlife Federation



We all know the story: You painstakingly build a huge social media campaign around your cause. Your campaign gains ‘traction’ and you see it shared by unexpected outlets. Then, the day arrives and you are ready for folks to show up… only, it’s crickets out there.

Whether your social media reach is 1 million or 100 followers, nothing hurts worse than building momentum, only to have it not play out in the real world.

This panel of brand builders, cause-rallyers, and social media experts specializes in getting folks to show up.

Format: 60 minutes panel discussion, 60 minutes break-out Q&A