Films to inspire Conservationists of all ages


We’re wrapping up the first day of #BZNCONCON with a series of inspirational conservation films from around the world.

Doors to the show floor open and the local craft beer starts pouring at the Emerson Center in Bozeman, MT at 7PM with the first show starting at 8PM.

Hang out with wildlife conservation groups, check out new gear, enter some raffles, and meet the filmmakers at this fun-for-the-whole-family Friday night event!

Proceeds from all raffle ticket sales go to women’s conservation group, Artemis Sportswomen.

Headlining Films


“Circle of Life” - by local filmmaker Jason Matzinger


“Rain Deer: A Sitka Blacktail Story” - by local filmmakers Tyler Johnerson and Randy Newberg


“Pulse: A Story about River Reclamation” by Montana filmmaker, Josh Boyd

“Horse Rich and Dirt Poor” - by filmmaker Ben Masters and featuring Charles Post

“Sit, Stay, Stop Poachers: Rescue Dogs Saving African Wildlife” - by local conservation group, Working Dogs for Conservation

(the film below is not a trailer for the film to be shown at BZNCONCON, but similar to it, though made by another outlet)


Get your tickets!