What is it?

The Bozeman Conservation Convention is a first-of-its-kind event that will bring together thought leaders from the hunting, fishing and ‘non-consumptive’ outdoor industries to tackle and collaborate on conservation issues facing fish and wildlife today.

The convention takes place on June 21-23, 2019 in Bozeman, MT at the Emerson Center for Cultural Arts, as well as at local 2% Certified Businesses. It features expert panel sessions, keynotes and a Conservation Film Festival and a Conservation Storytelling Night open to the public.

A full schedule can be found here: Convention Schedule

Why is it needed?

The goal of this event is to bring groups and businesses together that typically do not share the same air (much less the same panel or stage) to tackle present challenges facing fish and wildlife conservation.

The theme of “Conservation is not a Competition” goes beyond a ‘bumpersticker slogan’ to inform our expert panels, films and storytellers for each day.

Sessions range on topics such as ‘Deer vs Development’, ‘Rivers vs Recreation’ and ‘Private vs Public Land Conservation’. The titles are a ‘tongue’n cheek’ reference to the event theme. Conservation is about working to make juxtaposed forces in nature (often human impact and nature itself) work together.

who is it for?

Tickets will be open to the public for both the sessions and the evening events. This event is built for conservation organization professionals and their volunteer leaders, fish and wildlife agency employees, and businesses engaged in the outdoor industry - either directly or by nature of their location.

Whether you actively work in fish and wildlife conservation or are just passionate about the outdoors and want to learn more, this event will give you the tools you need to be a better citizen of the wild.

Agency personnel, press and media may attend the entire convention for FREE by requesting a discount code.

Wool growers, manufacturers and retailers may attend Saturday for FREE by requesting a code.

Conservation Organization employees and volunteers may attend for 50% off by requesting a code.

Who is putting it on?

2% for Conservation is a 501c3 non-profit certification organization based out of Manhattan, MT that certifies businesses and individuals that give 1% of their time and 1% of their money annually to fish and wildlife conservation. “2%’s” position between businesses and conservation organizations places them in the unique position to bring multiple user groups and conservation disciplines together in a balanced and collaborative way.

Learn more about 2% for Conservation.